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28 Nov 2012 8:51 am

One month after the impact of Superstorm Sandy, many homeowners have returned to or visited their houses and begun remediation of their property, some personally and others by hiring contractors. The Borough has made a major effort to clean up the trash, debris, and sand throughout our town. After the Thanksgiving holiday, a huge debris cleanup was undertaken by our solid waste carrier, Meadowbrook. At this time, we will continue to pick up trash and debris with regular Tuesday pick up (Meadowbrook) and with Public Works.

We will reevaluate the debris situation as time goes by.

From this time forward we ask everyone to help us manage the debris in a more controlled manner for the benefit of the town. We will be enforcing the following


Any materials put out at the curb by the homeowner for pick up must be separated, sorted, and manageable:

• Regular household trash and garbage put in lidded cans for regular pick up

• Recyclables (i.e. comingle, paper, cardboard) put out for regular pick up

• White goods (‘fridge and freezer doors removed) and metal, separated from rest

• Electronics, separated

NO HAZARDOUS WASTE at curb, this includes boat tanks, gas cans, propane tanks, paint cans, etc. (we will inform on disposal procedures soon). If hazardous waste has already been placed at the curb, please relocate it on your property in a safe location.

• Household debris, (i.e. mattresses, chairs, sofas, cabinets, carpet) neatly stacked with carpet cut in manageable 3 foot widths, rolled, and taped or tied

•  Brush cut to 3 foot sections, bundled and placed neatly at curb

• Leaves, pine needles and pine cones bagged or canned and placed at curb (weeds and decorative grasses are trash)

                                          *Building Materials*

1. Wood, cut to fit within trash cans, no more than 35 lbs.

2. Sheetrock, broken up and placed in lidded trash cans or closed bags to keep dry, weight as above

3. Insulation, placed in construction quality bags and sealed to keep dry

 Contractors, including Landscapers, are to provide dumpsters or remove their own debris and brush.

** All Landscapers must coordinate sand disposal with the Superintendent of Public Works, 494-6905.

1. Pristine sand may be taken to streets designated by the Superintendent of Public Works and dumped in piles to be redistributed on beach.

2. Unclean fill must be removed by contractor.

 Thank you for helping us manage the trash and keep the town looking presentable during the clean up from this destructive storm.



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